Angel Of Victory

by Rob Fillo

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This is my self-produced sophomore album. Released in 2010, I went for a produced sound and experimented in studio with different sounds and genres. The record tells a tale of a journey towards self-discovery.


released January 3, 2010

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Fillo with Assistant Engineer Ross Christopher Fairbairn.



all rights reserved


Rob Fillo Vancouver, British Columbia

With equal parts passion, wit and depth, Fillo stands out amongst his peers as an exceptionally talented individual. Choosing to write and perform on guitar, much of the emphasis is put on intricate lyrics and his raw but refined vocals. For the most part, Rob steers clear of the mainstream and remains an underground gem. He is truly a must see performer. Rob lives in Vancouver, Canada. ... more

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Track Name: Human Machine
Human Machine by Rob Fillo

You left our home again last night
It seems you found your paper doll
So you dressed her up just right
You made her ready to take the fall

And the greatest shame of all
Is that it’s all just been a dream
And love will pass us by
In this human machine

I think I’m ready to be alright
My strings are rusty, but that’s ok
Are you looking to pass the time?
Do you need a place to stay?

And the greatest shame of all
Is that it’s all just been a dream
And life will pass us by
In this human machine

So you stand up to start a fight
Filled with hatred and with flames
But all the ashes you once burned
Once were loved ones, once had names

And the greatest shame of all
Is that it’s all just been a dream
Will all our heroes kneel and die
In this human machine
Track Name: You Make This Music Real
You Make this Music Real by Rob Fillo

You're a very pretty girl, I wanna take you out and treat you like a queen
And when I'm lying in your bed, sometimes I feel its all a dream
But the thoughts behind your green eyes, often linger in my sleep
So lay your long hair down, and I will never make you weep

You make this music real
Move your hips so I can feel
Your lips in every single song
and Ill keep playing all night long

I crave the fire in your eyes, and all the words that you wont speak
You say your learning from the inside so there's nothing I can teach
But your a very pretty girl, I wanna take you out and treat you like a queen,
And when your lying in my bed, sometime I feels its all a dream.

Lives are fools, you and I, and where do we decide
Who lives or dies, is this pain I feel, or is it suicide.
Track Name: Never Wanna Love
Never Wanna Love by Rob Fillo

Well the sunlight burns my eyes and it stains my skin as I feel the ocean
Crashing down on me
So you woke up all my days and made my life better than television
So I’ll wear my comfortable shoes and try not to think about you, oh

I never wanna love
I never wanna love
I never wanna love
Somebody else
you're all I think of

Still the sun it burns my eyes and it's in my skin and I feel the ocean
Crashing down on me again
So I kiss you on your eyes and all my dreams I whisper softly
While you lean in closer to me we'll get through this I agree

I never wanna love
I never wanna love
I never wanna love
Somebody else
you're all I think of
Track Name: Battered One
Battered One
C#m7 F#m7
I keep memories in my pocket
In the form of lint,
In the form of Gold.
C#m7 F#m7
And Im so thirsty for some wisdom
That I’ve drunken up
Every lie that you told.
C#m7 F#m7
Can you wear your corset extra tight
So I can see the seam
Crease your side
C#m7 F#m7
And I know how they don’t treat me quite right
Now I’m finding it
So hard to hide

A C#m7
I will be your Battered One
And I will bleed to keep you whole
A G# C#m7
And I will be there when the nights come down
And you are cold again

C#m7 F#m7
So let the sun not cast your shadow
And let the milk float
Blind your mind
C#m7 F#m7
Let’s make it one less war to battle
E G#-----A
Cause I don’t have, any more time Chorus
Track Name: Funny Cigarette
Funny Cigarette by Rob Fillo

I can’t, I can’t stay sober for hours
Or I get so damn empowered; I might take over the world.
So give me one chance to make it up to you
I’ve never felt quite this blue and I’ve never been to LA

So role me one funny cigarette
Tie me up like a marionette
I’m no virgin mother’s son

And hold me up to the flame and
You’ll see lines written in plain English
I don’t plan to leave earth today
Give me; give me one moment to stare girl
Stare right into your face
I despise what I see in your eyes
In your eyes, I can see happiness there
Laughter without a care
And I see your face
See my face, it seems so far out of place
Washed up and fallen from grace
I guess I want it that way
But one sweet kiss and ill never be lonely
You will be my one and only
My holy love under the sun
Your golden skin takes the place of my lord
And I may be a whore
But I’m happy this way
Track Name: Marilyn
Marilyn by Rob Fillo

You touch, All I have it's
not much, but it’s the best I've got and
What you want
Is more than I can give
It’s More than I can give
Oh Yah

My Red lips, Are Still Wet
And your cigarette, Its Still Lit
And the nicotine
Is floating down my throat you broke your promises again
But it’s not over

You steal, What I’d give to you I
Can’t Feel, Much more than this I
Stand in line
I’m waiting to be fixed
Let me be next
Oh Yah

Track Name: Tabea
Tabea by Rob Fillo

Tabea you make me sane
Like I'm running through the backwoods
in my memories again
And I know when it starts to rain
That I'll lock myself inside and write the thoughts that never came

And I can tell your drowning all alone
And you can't see me waiting by the phone
waiting for a place for you and me

Tabea your kiss refreshed
all the feelings I keep deep inside
you helped me to undress
funeral clothes from a healthy heart
though I put the black shoes on again
when we are far apart

Track Name: Cocaine Took Her Blues
Cocaine Took Her Blues by Rob Fillo

The smoke it stings in the parlour, what’s her number do you think I should call her?
Or let her go down like a wooden ship in flames, apologies wont rise from the steam and the pain
I knew the dogs were out for blood, as the rain crashed down you prepared for the flood
So run away and rot you know that I cared, and I once was lost but now I'm just scared

I hope the cocaine treats you better than I did
I hope you find a thousand dollars in your pocket
I hope the rain never soaks into your shoes
I hope you never write the cocaine took her blues

You get excited there’s lightning to sand, white-hot inside the glass breaks in your hand
I was confused but my blood it lives inside, and the sad songs remain but like the helpless they hide

One last shot rings out in the evening air; one more cigarette will surely burn your hair

And I can’t remember what her lips felt like on mine, so I muster up one last goodbye
Track Name: Shelter In November
Shelter in November by Rob Fillo

Well I’d never heard there was darkness in her
But I knew it was me that had much
With the cross round my neck that my father made me
The dogs fight for bones in my guts
Will you shelter me from the world on my shoulders
And the pain that they call art
And the vinyl it skipped as the cold cracked my lip
And we all heard that I missed my mark

Come inside don’t be a fool
You’ve never lived by their rules
Inside my heart you can stay
Then once you’re better you’ll fly away

Oh it’s written in dreams when you push past the steam
That she wears off white in the rain
I remember the day when my soul was astray
And she called out to me by name


I remember warm days, I was happy I stayed
With the angel I found in the flood
Never saw her again, but I’d call her my friend
And her kindness still lives in my blood, She said

Track Name: Canadian Lullaby
Canadian Lullaby by Rob Fillo

Let the Rain Fall Down Upon us
Let the fields grow toward the sky
Lets the Farmers rest their weary heads
A Canadian Lullaby
Let the trees grow all around us
Lets the seas never run dry
Lets the sailors rest in their warm dry beds
A Canadian Lullaby
Lets the trains feed our fair cities
Lets the people never need cry
Let our mothers be blessed as they blessed us
A Canadian Lullaby
Let our people stand for their freedoms
Be proud and hold your head high
Cause no one can break the spirits we make
A Canadian Lullaby