Cold Winter Drafts

by Rob Fillo

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This is my very first record. I made it at my parents home in front of a single Shure 58 microphone and it has led me on a lifelong journey I couldn't have never imagined. I am proud to release my very first demo, Cold Winter Drafts, the one that started it all.


released January 3, 2006

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by me, Rob Fillo.



all rights reserved


Rob Fillo Vancouver, British Columbia

With equal parts passion, wit and depth, Fillo stands out amongst his peers as an exceptionally talented individual. Choosing to write and perform on guitar, much of the emphasis is put on intricate lyrics and his raw but refined vocals. For the most part, Rob steers clear of the mainstream and remains an underground gem. He is truly a must see performer. Rob lives in Vancouver, Canada. ... more

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Track Name: Cocaine Took Her Blues
Cocaine Took Her Blues

Em C Em C
The smoke it stings in the parlour, what’s her number do you think I should call her?
Or let her go down like a wooden ship in flames, apologies wont rise from the steam and the pain
Em C Em C
I knew the dogs were out for blood, as the rain crashed down you prepared for the flood
So run away and rot you know that I cared, and I once was lost but now I'm just scared


G Am D
I hope the cocaine treats you better than I did
G Am D
I hope you find a thousand dollars in your pocket
G Am D
I hope the rain never soaks into your shoes
G Am D
I hope you never write the cocaine took her blues


You get excited there’s lightning to sand, white-hot inside the glass breaks in your hand

I was confused but my blood it lives inside, and the sad songs remain but like the helpless they hide



One last shot rings out in the evening air; one more cigarette will surely burn your hair

And I can’t remember what her lips felt like on mine, so I muster up one last goodbye

Track Name: Blood For Gold
Blood for Gold by Rob Fillo

A, Bm, D, A

I’ve got this blood for you, it’s paid in gold
I asked the devil and he near turned me away
So with this gold I sold my ownly soul
If it saved you it might be worth the pain.

So let the clouds rain down upon you
Let the water make you grow
Let my hot-blooded kisses fill your hollow
Don’t ever tell me, you thought I didn’t know


Em, A :rep. End on G

Fourteen miles I’ll crawl to you,
Cause I don’t know how to run from the devil!
You don’t smile because your true
Now I’m gone and your smiling better.

Well I hope my words can warn you
When your in love well, your always blind
Cause your heart don’t know what your soul does
When you leave this world so far behind.

Track Name: Cigarette Woman
Cigarette Woman by Rob Fillo

Bm,D,A,E F,Am

Bm D A E Bm D,A,E
Cigarette woman, light me one more cause I’m feeling so free.
Bm D A E Bm D,A,E,
Make it American, I want more tar with my nicotine.
Bm D A E
And I’m pretty sick
Bm D A E
As I walk on the scene
Bm D
You burn down my village
A E Bm D,A,E,
Use pictures of dead men in magazines

F Am
If you read this you will judge
F Am G
You might just kill the man you thought was entertaining
F Am
When you look up to the sky
Photographs of dancing children
Am G
Will be raining
Down on you and me

Verse: (same lyrics and chord progression as first verse…. Except the chord prog begins on “cigarette” with A. Then into the Chorus with same chords as before)
Track Name: Not Ready To Leave Yet
Not ready to leave yet by Rob Fillo
Em A Em
Let me stay in your room
A Em A
Im not ready to leave yet
Em A Em
Let me hide inside you (cause its cold outside)
A Em A
Im not ready to meet them

Can you believe
Am Em
You falling in traps I set for me yah
And Im awake
Am G F#/G
Pretending my mind is half asleep yah

I’ve been waiting so long

For a pleasure this sweet now

Climb up out of the flesh

Keeps you locked inside

Let the energy speak out

Chorus:(same as before but end on yah briefly for bridge A)

Bridge A:
Bm A
Im not lying to myself
I am lost with someone else
Be my one, my heart to hold

Bm A
I don’t want the same abuse
Put my fire to good use
I just want to burn my soul
And let it linger as we move on

Bridge B:
Im not happy in your darkness
G Bm
In my prison growing old
I could cut down any angel
G Bm7
Let the devil take my soul

I will bleed for you

In your nightmares I see me

Im on fire for you

Because it’s dark inside

And you not ready to leave yet


Let me rest in you womb

Cause I’m scared inside
Em (hold on the Em)
And Im not ready to leave yet…..
Track Name: I Rack
I Rack

A7 Dm A7 Dm
They never meant me to smile, and I can’t believe that it’s true
A7 Dm F A
I’m lost in your hallway of mirrors, I’m still thinking of you
A7 Dm A7 Dm
They killed Mr. Dreamer, the only one that gave a damn
A7 Dm F A
And I’ve heard the lilacs in Paris, are the lizard man’s

Dm Gm
I Rack, I Rack up scars
A7 Dm -- A7
From the lonely nights, I lay in your view
Dm Gm
I Rack, I Rack up memories
A7 Dm — A7
With my pistol, and my picture of you

Well we never cared for their politics; we never danced to their drum

They took you away and now I’m left alone with a gun

You kept me locked up in your shed, four seven days ‘til I was true

I told you my sins and then you let me in, as I took in you


I didn’t know which man hurt you, so I had to get rid of them all

When I ran away heard the radio say, that you took the fall

I guess I’ll keep driving toward Canada, I’ve heard there’s nice people you know

I’ll hide out on Vancouver Island, Cause I can’t take the snow

Track Name: Shelter In November
Shelter in November by Rob Fillo
Well I’d never heard there was darkness in her
But I knew it was me that had much
With the cross round my neck that my father made me
The dogs fight for bones in my guts
Will you shelter me from the world on my shoulders
And the pain that they call art
And the vinyl it skipped as the cold cracked my lip
And we all heard that I missed my mark

Bm G
Come inside don’t be a fool
You’ve never lived by their rules
Bm G
Inside my heart you can stay
Then once you’re better you’ll fly away

Oh it’s written in dreams when you push past the steam

That she wears off white in the rain

I remember the day when my soul was astray

And she called out to me by name


I remember warm days, I was happy I stayed

With the angel I found in the flood

Never saw her again, but I’d call her my friend

And her kindness still lives in my blood,

She said

Track Name: No One Knows
No One Knows By Rob Fillo
G Bm
If you would have held your cards old friend
Em D
You’d have surely beat us all
G Bm
But what you didn’t realize in the end
Em D
Is the pain after the fall

I keep your records turning round
Keep your feet up off the ground
Let me know we’re not all crazy
Keep your heart up on the shelf
It can’t hurt you by itself
And making love keeps getting hazy

Don’t feel pressure from the world my girl

Can’t you tell it’s all in vain

Come inside and lock the door on love

Extract the pleasure from the pain


So tie-dye all your underclothes my dear

Would you tell me life’s been fun

Like a flower not a rose it’s clear

Roses burn up in the sun


Help me let go of my mind and fear

And we’ll take off all our clothes

We’ll go swimming when the stars appear

I know a place that no one knows

That no one knows!
Track Name: Sweet Image
Sweet Image by Rob Fillo
D Bm
Well I guess, we’ve moved on
Since you took your last breath from mine
And for a moment I saw god
As you looked at the time

So keep you head up, towards California

As you come down through the mines

Cause in Cali, there’s a monster or two

And an angel she hides

Em A D G
Well I thought I found peace in another girls arms
Em A D
And I thought I found peace in drink
And I thought for a moment my heart had cleared
But that was only when I didn’t think

Of your eyes, that see through me

As I lied to you out of jest

Well I guess it wasn’t that funny

But you know me the best

If I had one good wish

Id take back the moments in time

When I’d lost the sweet image

Of you in my mind
Track Name: Photos On Clouds
Photos on Clouds
Go away,
I don’t want to see you again
Lets not pretend to be friends
You’ve always been tough
And it’s never easy enough
Redundance is taking its toll
And we both just grow old.

Bm E
My God, I thought we both would be angels.
Bm E
Take photos on clouds, rise above ground
Bm E
I thought, in the future we both might be famous
Bm E
Drive fast cars, but you never cared about that.

Que Cera,

Whatever will be, will be.

And I’m in the deep blue sea.

And I’m screaming you name.

But you don’t here

Do you ignore me for fear?

You might just love me inside

Why do you hide?


You say,

You’ve run out of kisses for me

Or whatever you want me to be

But im still ok.

I feel the wind

Coming from some far off land

And I daydream im holding your hand

And we both melt away

Track Name: Rainy Day Coffee (with Bonus Secret Track)
Rainy Day Coffee by Rob Fillo

(C walk down to Am the back up to C)

Lets Raise up our coffee’s, to the end of a rainy day.
We’ll talk about the secrets; we’ve always longed to say.
You’ll tell me about your history, and I'll explain the scene.
When I spoke to you while you were sleeping and I told you all of my dreams.

Your voice sounds so far away, on the telephone.
So many years are over now; so far apart we’ve roamed.
And the money in my pocket, it’s all I’ve left to loan.
I wont spend it one just anyone, only those who take me home.

Don’t Change
You say don’t change
I say don’t change
You say don’t change

Well I love the rain in springtime; it brings me to my knees.
So have another joke and smoke, and you can hold me if you please.
And ill talk about revolution and you’ll talk about your wife.
And I’ll tell you how Id like to be living, someone else’s life.

Don’t Change
You say don’t change
I say don’t change
You say don’t change

I love you the way you are (x8)